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The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School

The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School

What Happens in Our Church School

Our value for life winners.

Our current value for life: Thankfulness

Easter Celebration at St John's Church: April 2022

Year 6 lead collective worship on compassion.

Our worship table

A peace rainbow for these difficult times.

Our compassion award winners

Our new value for life is COMPASSION.

Creative challenge: Make an alternative nativity scene!

Our new Value for Life is PEACE

As we have been considering our value of PEACE, we have studied objects that make is feel peaceful and have replicated the 'Peace in 1000 hands' global project.


We have also learnt how to share 'the peace' with each other in sign language and are trying to remember to do this around school. 



KS1 Cross Project work: holding crosses

Young Minds wear yellow day!

Harvest Festival : October 2021

Across the world : We have been looking at the Christian cross and symbols around the world.

A Toolkit for Developing Spirituality in primary schools

Our current Value for Life: Wisdom

Decorating the cross for church

Previous Value for Life: Perserverance

Creative mandalas

Our outdoor reflection area

Thinking about others at Harvest

At Winster School, we have been thinking about Harvest and how we are so fortunate in this country to have homes as well as food. The Derby Diocese are raising money for the Harvest Homes Appeal and we contributed an impressive £93 for this worthy cause, through the sale of harvest produce at the end of the Harvest Festival. The children all performed songs, poetry and spoke about the fruits of the spirit at the Harvest Festival.


The children learnt about people like Mary, who lives in Zimbabwe and lost her home and some of her family due to a tremendous storm. The children all wrote prayers for Mary and others like her. If you are interested in finding out more or maybe sending a contribution, look at the following website


Open Book Nehemiah

We had our first visit of the year from the Open the Book team today and they shared the story of Nehemiah and the building of the wall. We always enjoy getting involved and learning more about The Bible.


The Wonder of God's Creation

For Wakes week, the whole school created wonderful mixed media Art based on creatures of God's world. This helped them to appreciate the awe and wonder of insects and their environment.


New Reflection Area

We have been busy creating our new reflection area, where we can THINK about the world, REFLECT on anything that is on our minds and TALK to God or each other about what is on our hearts. The Year 6 pupils decorated the tree stumps to create our seats, and these will be a lasting memory of them when they leave us. The stones have been painted with the values for life. In the reflection area resources, KS2 have written philosophical questions to make us think. KS1 have written prayers on parcel labels to again, help us focus and reflect. The children are loving spending time in this area. Collective worship will also take place in this magical space from time to time.


MAST: Michael and Mr Grumpy

On Friday 10th May, Michael visited and told us about the Beatitudes and focused on 'blessed are the peacemakers', which fitted in with our value for life.


Open the Book Solomon

Our collective worship on Thursday 9th May was by Open the Book and they taught us the story of Solomon.


Easter Gardens

In Forest Schools, Key stage 1 made their own Easter gardens to remember the true message of Easter. These were displayed near our quiet reflection area.


Open the book

Last week (w/c 1st April 2019), we had another visit from Open the Book who share the story of David and Goliath.


Harvest celebration at Church


We all enjoyed a harvest samba celebration at church on Friday 5th October. We brought our produce forward to make a large cross in the aisle. We also explained all about our RE work on 'Across the World' and how we had made our own Ngara crosses and crosses from Jerusalem and Pakistan.

The donated produce was then sold to raise money for a worthy cause (to be considered by the school council).


Welcome back to Michael and Mr Grumpy!

On Friday 28th September we welcomed back Michael from the MAST team and his very grumpy friend! They explored with us the Beatitudes and how grace is a free gift for all.

We sang and explored the Bible with laughter and many questions.

We look forward to the next visit.


Open the book collective worship:

The open the book team visited on 20th September to re-enact the story of Joseph and his brothers. The children took on the roles of the characters and we also sang a version of Kum Ba Yah with some new actions.

We always enjoy these visits and look forward to learning the next part of the story when the team visit in October.


Collective worship:

In addition to our programme of values based collective worship, we have visitors from the MAST team and Open the Book team visit us throughout the school year. The MAST team visit 6 times a year and our current leader is Michael J Tinker. The Open the Book team visit approximately 10 times a year.


Look out for photos and responses from the children about our forthcoming visits this year.

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