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The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School

The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School

Values and Vision

Winster Church of England Primary School is very proud to be part of the White Peak Federation. Winster Church of England Primary School and Monyash C of E Primary School work together within the Highfields and Lady Manners Clusters respectively to provide the best education for all of our children. Each school maintains its unique identity, whilst enjoying the benefits of a strong partnership. We have one Governing Board which works in the interests of both schools.


Our Vision

To create a happy, inclusive, caring community built on Christian values where we prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s challenges.

"If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another" John 1:7



To provide a caring and welcoming school that safeguards and promotes welfare for all.

To develop stimulating learning activities which challenge and enthuse children to achieve their best, not only academically but in all areas of school life.

To develop meaningful partnerships with parents, carers, the churches and the wider village communities.

To recognise and value the uniqueness and achievement of every member of our school family.

To encourage children to respect and develop a deeper understanding of faiths and cultures of the world.

To provide opportunities for children to explore and reflect upon their own belief and spirituality.

To celebrate all that we are and all that we can be.


Winster School aims to provide an education of the highest quality, whilst encouraging positive, moral behaviours and attitudes.  We encourage children to:




  • develop lively, inquiring minds, the ability to question and to argue rationally
  • achieve their full potential in all fields
  • acquire and apply knowledge and skills to help prepare them for all aspects of life
  • adopt reasoned attitudes, tolerance and understanding of others
  • gain self-respect, independence and self motivation
  • make their contribution to society and the welfare of others


Our golden rules are:

  • Be polite and use good manners
  • Move sensibly around school
  • Keep our school tidy
  • Be kind and helpful to others
  • Always do our best