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The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School

The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School


Comic Relief/ Ukraine Cake Sale

Bric a brac reuse sale for Climate Change

School Council lead the assembly on Mental Health for Young Minds Yellow Day!

Anti- Bullying Friendship posters in our playground.

School Council lead their first assembly on reduce, reuse, recycle!

Waging a war on plastic!

We are looking at how we can better REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE after Easter and the School Council are launching a new recycling initiative.


As part of this we are requesting that you send in all your plastic bottle tops (which we will turn into something very wonderful!) and that we use our new plastic recycling bin! 



Children in Need Fundraiser

We sold these lovely Pudsey biscuits made by and as well as all your kind donations and our 'wearing of our PJs' we raised an incredible £105 for Children In Need. Thank you to everyone for supporting this.



Stroke Association Make and Bake Sale

On Thursday 7th November, the School Council organised a cake sale with lots of tasty goodies, kindly baked by parents/ grandparents. They were very pleased to have raised an impressive £62 for The Stroke Association. They will continue their charity work this week by organising Children In Need.



Thank you to the 2018/19 school council!

We had our final school council meeting and the school councillors for this year received a treat and a certificate. They reflected on what they had achieved. This included: *Organising a bric a brac sale and raising over £40 for animal charities. *Organising smartie coin collection and raising over £100 for school resources. *Helping to establish the prayer/ reflection area. *Buying chalks and mats for outdoor playtime. *Organising Number Day for the NSPCC and leading the assembly to the whole school. *Organising cake sale for Make May Purple for Stroke Association. And much much more.. Here's to next year and thank you.


School council lead their first assembly!

The school council did a tremendous job of leading their first assembly on Red Nose Day to let everyone know why we were fundraising for Comic Relief. They all took their part and revealed the final 'Winster joke book' which was the idea of the school council and they sold on the day to raise over £40 for Comic Relief. What an amazing effort!

Selection box raffle

Our raffle to win a selection box proved very popular and we raised £37 which the school council will use on resources for the children. We had many winners and had much fun drawing the tickets out of the hat.



Cake sale for Children In Need and Toilet Twinning

The school council organised and ran the cake sale on Friday 16th November to raise an amazing £92 to be split between Children in Need and the Toilet Twinning project. Much fun was had and many cakes baked and eaten. Well done everyone! We will meet soon to decide on our next project!

Toilet Twinning!

The school council decided that we would put the money raised from the sale of Harvest Festival produce towards our current toilet twinning project. Our aim is to raise £120 to pay for 2 toilets in deprived communities around the world.


How can you help?

*The school council would like you to donate any spare pennies ("spend a penny") in the donation box in the reception area of school.

*On Friday 16th November, we will hold a cake sale and split the proceeds between Children In Need and Toilet Twinning, so anyone willing to bake cakes we would greatly appreciate it.

If you wish to find out more then take a look at

Thank you

The school council.


What have we achieved this year?

*We organised a PJs and bring a game to school day and made posters and raised money. This bought new paintbrushes and felt tips.

*We organised a bric a brac sale to raise money for Children in Need.

*We made posters to encourage children to play new games on the playground.

*We went on a visit to Derby Cathedral to make models with South Darley.

*We wrote letters with our donation to Cancer Research after footie shirt Friday.


Have we enjoyed it?


We would recommend being on the school council because you get to help make decisions to improve the school. It is good to raise money for charity. You get to wear buddy hats! It's great to get creative and make posters. You get to wear a cool badge! (And you get to miss assembly!)


Bring a game to school and PJs day!

The school council had an idea for everyone to come to school in their pyjamas/ onesies for the last day of term, to raise money for resources in school. We also brought in games from home to play with each other. What a great end to the term and we can now ask the school council to consider how best to use the money!


School council hard at work!

Our school council works hard to make our school a better place and their most recent contributions to school life have included making posters for the playground to encourage each other to play games with our friends, organising a forthcoming PJs and games day and taking pupil responses on how they would like the playground to be improved. This has included using a wider range of equipment (such as the chalks to encourage the artists amongst us) and buying new goal nets (to encourage those of us who are more sporty!). We are always trying to work together to make our school an even better place!