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The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School

The White Peak Federation

Monyash Church of England
Primary School

Winster Church of England
Primary School


South Peak Sports

Platinum Jubilee celebrations!

German Family Breakfast: May 2022

Comic Relief / Ukraine Cake Sale

French family breakfast: March 2022

World Book Day Adventures!

Volcanic KS2 homework projects

Turning Winster green for Climate Change!

Highfields Wellbeing event for KS2.

Goodbye and thankyous to Mrs Landless!

Carol singing round the Village!

Tinsel trail on the hunt for Santa!

Snow Day! November 2021

Living History Day! Making longships and feasting as Vikings!

Living History Day: Baking, cooking, modelling and constructing!

Reading in the library

KS1 History: We are learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Secole.We had a go at making ginger beer. Mary made it to settle the soldiers’ tummies when they were poorly!

Sparkle and Shine Strictly Style for Children in Need!

Some of the children’s comments during Messy Day:


 “Look! The gloop starts off solid then if you pick it up it goes into liquid”

”Maybe my potion glows in the dark!”

”My feet feel slimy and squishy in the pasta”

”The potato peelings feel cold and soft on my toes!”

”Spraying paint makes me feel soooo good!”

”The spaghetti is squishy and soft”

”If you mixed all the colours in the whole world it always makes brown”

”Look! I’ve made bouncy bubbles!”

“If you stuff the bottle full of water it overflows but if you add cotton wool it soaks up the water and the water goes down”

”There’s a big bubble on the bottom and it keeps puffing out smaller bubbles like an underwater volcano!

”My dough is too sticky. Can I add more flour?”

”What will happen if I add a different colour? Will it mix together or stay separate?”

”I think the vinegar is heavier because the bubbles are going down”

”My dough is cracking because it’s hot in here and it’s drying out”

”The biscuits will be ok in the oven but the eyes might melt because they’re made of icing”

”This is the best best BEST day ever!”

KS1 Messy Day! November 2021

Peak Centre Day 2: Archery, sports, team building and disco!

Peak Centre Day 1 : Outdoors exploring, circus skills and climbing!

October Singing Performance 7

October Singing Performance 6

October Singing Performance 6

October Singing Performance 5

October Singing Performance 4

October Singing Performance 3

October Singing Performance 2

October Singing Performance 1

Positivity pumpkins!

KS1 trip to Matlock Bath aquarium

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Our new Sports Leaders in action!

Enjoying our first week back at school. KS2 September 2021.

Year 6 leavers: Goodbye and Good luck!

Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing our photographs.

Snow White 2021